Monday, 5 December 2016

New Study Shows Mums Really Are Better at Buying a Present!

Sorry Dad, Mums Really Are Better! New Study Shows Who Buys the Better Present
A new study, conducted by personalised gifting website,, has shown that the majority of people prefer Christmas gifts from their mothers, and do not like buying for, or receiving, gifts from their fathers.
Over 10% of people enjoy buying for mothers; whilst only 1% of people enjoy buying for their fathers. People would rather buy for their pets (1.40%) than their dads!
It seems that mothers really do know best when it comes to festive buying, with fathers falling short in terms of their present-buying skills, as well as being difficult to buy for.
  • Over 10% of participants look forward to receiving a gift from their mum, and a measly 2% from their dads.
Parents are not the only ones who are setting the bar high. The majority of those asked have put their partners on a pedestal when it comes to Christmas gifts.  
  • Over 30% of people asked most look forward to receiving gifts from their partners
  • However, it seems men prefer buying for their partners compared to women. Only 18% of women enjoy buying for their spouses, compared to almost 35% of men.
Unfortunately, fathers are not the only people who have a bad reputation. Results have shown that very few of us enjoy buying, or receiving gifts from our grandparents.
  • The survey revelead that only 0.45% of those asked said that they enjoyed buying or receiving presents from their grandparents.
Christmas is especially magical when you’re at a young age. The idea of Santa Claus paying you a visit followed by smiling faces on Christmas morning are never forgotten. It comes as no surprise then, that buying gifts for children has come out on top during the Christmas season, with almost 40% of the vote. 
This survey was taken by I Just Love It, a personalised gifting website with over 4,500 customisable products. The website prides itself on being able to provide the perfect personalised present regardless of the recipient.
Kevin Sears, Ecommerce director at, said: “Christmas should be all about food, friends, family and good times, without the worry of quality or the expense of gifts hanging over our heads.
These survey results show that the meaning of Christmas has somewhat shifted to the importance of present buying. Although this shouldn’t be the case, eliminate the stress of giving an unwanted gift and treat someone to a unique, personalised keepsake they can treasure,” he adds.
Other survey results include:
  • Over 47% of females enjoy buying for children the most, compared to only 30% of males.
  • The mother/father divide strikes again within both genders. Only 11% of women and under 10% of men enjoying giving gifts to their mothers, and a miniscule 1% enjoying giving gifts to their fathers.
  • Of all the people asked, nearly 60% (57.35%) of them had said they have received ‘unwanted’ gifts at Christmas, with over 50% (53.01%) of them choosing to then give them away, and 25% (25.20%) of people choosing to sell them. Over 40% (41.85%) of people are currently buying for 6-10 people, so potentially, of those people, at least half will give their gifts away.
  • Over 40% (44.75%) of those asked said they would spend between £100 - £300 in total on Christmas gifts. That’s nearly 50% less than data acquired in 2015.
  • The Selfie Stick was voted the worst Christmas present to receive at 40% of the overall vote, equally split between both men (38.57%) and women (40.88%).

Sunday, 4 December 2016

VitaMatcha Green Tea

VitaMatcha is the green tea brand currently taking the UK public by storm. It is simply powdered green tea leaves and therefore one of the most potent types of green tea in the world carrying a huge amount of health benefits. One of the main health pulls of Matcha tea is that you consume the whole green tea plant rather than the common watered-down extract. Two grams of VitaMatcha per day is equivalent to 20 cups of green tea per day in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content. Traditionally, Matcha tea is whisked in to hot water but you can experiment with recipes and put it in to milk, fruit juice and smoothies for example.
A few key VitaMatcha facts include:
  • VitaMatcha has 70 times the antioxidants of orange juice
  • VitaMatcha has 200 times the antioxidants of apple juice
  • VitaMatcha has 10 times the polyphenols and antioxidants of other teas
  • VitaMatcha has 9 times the beta-carotene of spinach
  • Health benefits of VitaMatcha include:
  • VitaMatcha is full of anti-oxidants
  • VitaMatcha rehydrates you better than water
  • VitaMatcha boosts metabolism
  • VitaMatcha contains no calories
VitaMatcha has brought this century old traditional drink which is hugely popular in Japan, to the UK. They have designed a special pouch which contains the exact amount of Matcha you need daily to live a healthy lifestyle, whether at work, at home or out and about. Also, it is worth noting that Matcha is an adaptable super food which you can season on foods and salads and even use to create pancakes and cookies.
VitaMatcha has positioned itself to be the next big thing to hit the commercial health industry. Due to its huge beneficial properties and marketing appeal, they believe it can continue to make a big impact on the market. VitaMatcha has taken a healthy product with countless benefits and designed a creative, attractive and appealing brand which thousands of people are buying in to daily.
All VitaMatcha products are available online now at They have a big Instagram following at:

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Ideal World Skinn Cosmetics

Adored by everyday women, make-up artists, bloggers and journalists alike, Skinn Cosmetics are again extending their wonderful UK range exclusively at Ideal World. This time their range is extending with the Enlightened Radiance Concentrate: Targeted Discolouration Diminisher.
Designed to act as a highlighter, but also to dramatically improve the appearance of skin  discolouration with its rich blend of natural skin brightening extracts and antioxidants. With a wonderful mix of Gorj Berry, Licorice and five stabilized forms of Vitamin C, this concentrate works to help fade the look of dark spots while also shielding the skin from free radicals. Enriched with Vitamin B, it’s also ultra-moisturising and soothing too.
Use morning and night, massage a pea sized amount onto dark spots, hyper-pigmented areas, as well as the neck, decollete and hands and your skin will look and feel brighter and more radiant.
Available exclusively from Ideal World, tune in live from 9pm on Thursday 1st December and get the Enlightened Radiance Concentrate for only £19.99, or take advantage of some of the Christmas Special Offers and exclusive bundles.
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Friday, 2 December 2016

I Just Love It Personalised Christmas Box

I Just Love It Launches New Personalised Christmas Eve Boxes
Personalised gifting website,, today launches a range of new Christmas Eve Boxes to add a touch of festive sparkle to the holidays.
The new range of Christmas Eve Boxes have been designed to help bring a family even closer, as well as to evoke excitement in little ones.
Each box is adorned with wooden decorations and printed images, made from 100% natural, unfinished, birch plywood, which means each box will slightly differ in terms of appearance, making them even more unique.
The new range includes;

Personalised Wooden Kids Christmas Eve Box / £34.99
The perfect gift to get a child ready in time for Santa. Fill it with sweets, reindeer food and even a letter from the big man himself. It can be personalised with any name (up to 10 characters) above the words ‘Christmas Eve Box’, which are printed as standard.

Personalised Family Christmas Eve Wooden Box / £34.99
It’s not just children who get excited during the Christmas period. Fill this family box with DVDs, hot chocolate sachets and sweet treats to get everyone ready for bed time. It can be personalised with a family name (10 characters), a choice of year (since 2001), up to six first names (10 characters) as well as a choice of six Snowmen sizes, which are printed as standard along with the words ‘Collecting Christmas Memories’.

Personalised Family Memories Christmas Keepsake Box / £34.99
For those who have their own Christmas Eve traditions, this box is a great place to keep yearly reminders safe. Pop in favourite cards, small Christmas baubles ready for next year, or even photographs from every Christmas, to reminisce over the following year. It can be personalised with a family name (10 characters), as well as a choice of five additional first names (10 characters). ‘Christmas Eve Box’ and ‘making Christmas memories together’ are printed as standard.
Each box is also delivered with a wooden heart and bow on the lock clasp which is etched with the words ‘Do not open until the 24th December!’
The boxes are available now on I Just Love it, priced at £34.99 each.
Kevin Sears, Ecommerce director at, said: “Celebrating Christmas Eve has almost become as important as Christmas Day itself, with many using the day to spend quality time with the family, organising last minute gifts and preparing for the following day.
“These personalised boxes are beautiful, unique keepsakes, which can be used year after year by the whole family.” he adds.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Roses Only, International Mens Day 19th Novemeber

Real Men love roses too

Celebrate International Men’s Day with Roses Only

[LONDON: 16 November 2016] In celebration of International Men’s Day on 19 November, luxury roses brand Roses Only would love to show you that men from all walks of life love to receive roses too.

International Men’s Day is a celebration of men across the globe.  Roses Only has been gifting roses to men across the globe for more than two decades. On receipt of Roses Only’s signature box, one man shared his delight commenting, ‘I personally have received bouquets a few times, and love it. The fact that she’s thinking of me and took the time and effort to make the arrangements is pretty cool.’

IMG_7249This positive reaction from a man receiving roses is further evidenced in a recent behavioural study conducted at Rutgers University showing that men who receive flowers demonstrate increased social interaction and happiness. The study involved two groups of men, one group who received a surprise gift of flowers and another who did not. The subjects' verbal cues and body language (measures of social interaction) were studied; and men who received flowers demonstrated increased eye contact in conversation, stood in closer proximity to the researchers, and produced more and truer smiles than those men who did not receive flowers.

Echoing this reaction, another satisfied male recipient of Roses Only commented, ‘I have never received roses before until my girlfriend recently gifted me with a box of Roses Only – it was a really special gift and certainly brightened up my day.’

Roses Only sources the most beautiful roses from around the world and prides itself on offering premium quality at affordable prices. You can put your trust in Roses Only to provide the ultimate gift for International Men’s Day, or any occasion, arriving in a beautifully presented Roses Only’s signature recyclable box.

To order your roses, please visit Delivery is available nationwide.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Black Friday Ideal World

It’s the biggest shopping day in the calendar – Black Friday!  We know that it’s tough staying up until midnight for the best online deals, and queueing in the pouring rain for the shops to open first thing, just to face the mass crowds as they fight over the best buys. So to make things easy for you, Ideal World has created a whole Black Friday event…with deals throughout the week! No need to face the rowdy crowds – you can shop from the comfort of your own home without any of the hassle, and safe in the knowledge that you’ve snapped up great deals – every day of the week.
Tune in live from Friday 18th November at 9pm as Black Friday launches early! There’s amazing deals across all shows and departments from the 2 for £22 deal on Nicole fashion, ensuring your winter wardrobe will be refreshed for less, to the Elizabeth Grant Skincare Kit complete with matching bag for all your beauty needs.

Not just this, but why not kit out your kitchen with market beating deals on the Beaumark Pressure Cooker for only £39.99 or the Hotpoint Mixer for £99.99 – deals you won’t find anywhere else!* And while you’re securing the best deals, why not grab the Hoover Cordless Vacuum or the Dormeo mattress for home too?
With Christmas coming up, you may be focused on finding great value gifts – we’ve got Black Friday Deals across all toy shows as well as on things like the Wolf Pressure Washer, which ensures both the little and big kids in your life are covered this Christmas.
Not only this, but Ideal World are giving one lucky customer the chance to win a 7 night cruise visiting France, Belguim, Germany and the Netherlands, courtesy of Planet Cruise and MSC Cruises. Just visit to enter.
Experience the best Black Friday Deals all week and get treats for yourself as well as your loved ones. Tune in live from Friday 18th November at 9pm and you’ll find everything you need without facing the crowds.
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Thursday, 17 November 2016

'Find the Festive Wreath'

Philip Kingsley's Christmas Treasure Hunt Competition which starts on Thursday 10th November. They’ll be running a new month-long competition on Instagram entitled 'Find the Festive Wreath' where each week two hair fact clues will be revealed that then drives people to the Hair Guide section on the Philip Kingsley website. When people find the right page they can enter their details to become part of a fantastic prize draw to win a luxury hair and skincare kit with goodies from Philip Kingsley and Sarah Chapman. 

#FindTheFestiveWreath #ChristmasIsInTheHair